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    page numbering. 500 page book.

    namidy name nam nom no

      ok, so iv finished laying out this 500 page book with about 150 photos. i know it was stupid but i only split it into two documents of 250 pages each witch are combined as a book. everything was working out fine until the author decides that he wants page numbering to start on page 17.

      the only way i know of how to do this is to make the front matter into a seperate book document and put it as roman numerals. problem with that is there are prob 50 photos that arnt anchored into text frames so i would have to cut and paste in place 17 pages ahead.i can do this but really dont want to. does anyone have an easer way.

      thanks in advance

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          namidy name nam nom no Level 1

          just in case anyone runs across this in the future looking to solve the same problem. just got off the phone with adobe and they said to control click on page 17 go to page numbering. start at page one with numbers. ok. then click the verry first page and start page 1 with roman numerals. . . .

          thanks adobe

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            macinbytes Level 4

            right click on the page you want to have the first number and choose numbering and section options. Pick start section and the page number you want. if you want the first pages to use roman numberals right click on the first of those pages and choose roman numerals.


            250 pages isn't necessarily bad for a book. 500 isn't bad either. really just depends on the weight of the content and how it is organized. InDesign can handle up to 9999 pages.