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    how to reinstall system fonts?

    SebastiaoV Level 1

      Hi guys,

      My InDesign problem returned...some files quits all the time. I am reading in the net that could be to Font Corruption Issues. So i clean up my system cache from Font Explorer X and i get this message (is in Spanish but i guess is clear that Helvetica is eliminated, the font is no more, it ceased to be, like Phyton's Dead Parrot sketch would say).




      Nevertheles, Could Font Explorer X be messing fonts around since it will choose a separated folder at instalation? i didn't have trouble with fonts before. So, how do i reinstall just System Fonts from the Snow Leopard disk? I am reading to use "Pacifist" app. to extract the contents of the instalation DVD but the tree file is way too complex.


      Should i do other things beside cleaning system fonts cache? i don't know deleting InDesign preferences as well?




      BTW, i guess the Fonts is the problem...but just in case you might know better, here is the crash report.




      Thanks for any info or help,