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    RH 9.01 Table Captions Format Problem

    geek-girl- Level 1

      I created WebHelp in RH 8 / TCS 2.5. The table captions are fine, Arial, Blue, Italic


      I made a few minor updates to the table contents (not the caption) in FM 10 / TCS 3.0.


      I open the project in RH9 / TCS 3.0 and regenerate.


      The table caption is Times Roman black.


      I cannot modify the table caption format to be anything else besides Times Roman black.


      The RH files show the correct format.


      Here's what I tried:


      I tried manually inserting a table and formatting the caption.


      I tried creating a CHM file instead of a WebHelp file. Same problem.


      I tried with two different projects. Same problem.


      I did not try creating a new project.


      Am I missing something, or is this a bug?


      Thanks for any clues.


      I tried attaching screenshots here, but I must have some IE setting disabled because nothing happens when I click the camera.