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    Using getmydataByID(itemID:string):typemydata doesn't give all the values from mysql

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      I am using wamp server (php and mysql) as a datasource for my flex application. I am try to access all the colums with PatientID:(txtpatientid) --> this patientID is coming from a textbox and display them in a datagrid at button_click function, which calls the getmydataByID.lastresult function. If I use getAllmydata() function, it does work and displays all the data in the table, but when I try to use getmydataByID.lastresult, it shows only the first column in datagrid with that specific ID and ignores rest all colums with the same patientID.


      For example:


      ID  PatientID  Surname  Firstname Weight(kg)

      1     1024        Jon          Kelly          50

      2     1024        Mike        Jim             55

      3     1025        Jackson    Kim            49


      I want to show both first and second colums with PatientID 1024, but getmydatabyID function only shows the first column and ignores second one.


      Please help, as I am badly stuck.


      Thanks in advance.