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    Premiere Elements 9 Videomerge No "Invert Selection" Option

    A.T. Romano Level 7

      The Premiere Elements 9 Help PDF says that there is an Invert Selection option for Effects/Video Effects/Videomerge.

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WSB8CADC6B-F700-4e6d-A331-DAE949B09784. html

      Yet, if you look for the Videomerge "Invert Selection" option in version 9, it is not there, whereas it is actually there in versions 7 and 8. Often Videomerge is referred to as an automatic ChromaKey (Effects/Video Effects/Keying/ChromaKey). None of the versions have the "Invert Selection" for ChromaKey. So that is not in question here.


      Steve Grisetti or anyone else ever notice this and is there an explanation for what happened to "Invert Selection" for Videomerge in Premiere Elements 9?


      Thanks for any input on this matter which was originally brought up by another user at another forum.



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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3

          The invert option is accessible by right-clicking on the clip on the timeline and then selecting "Show Clip Keyframes" near the bottom of the pop-up menu and then drilling in further until you get to "Invert." Then you have to drag the envelope up to turn on Invert.


          I think I know why they hid that option. Only the bottom half of the frame is affected, at least with the DV-AVI clip I had on the timeline.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            Robert J Johnston


            Thank you for your reply. But, I am not sure if you misintrepreted what I have written or if I am missing something in your reply or if both.


            There is no "Invert Selection" option in the Videomerge Panel properties in the Premiere Elements 9 Properties Palette for a clip to which has been applied the Videomerge effect. Based on versions 7 and 8 Videomerge which do have this option in that location and the version 9 situation, that is the ONLY place where you can actually Invert Selection. Yes, like 7 and 8, in 9 you can right click the clip on the Timeline, select Show Clip Keyframes/Videomerge/Invert Selection, but all that is going to do is show the keyframes IF you keyframe the Invert Selection option which you can only be activated in the Videomerge Panel of the Properties Panel if it is there.


            So, it would appear to me that, when "Invert Selection" disappeared in Premiere Elements 9 from the Properties Palette/Videomerge Panel, someone forgot to remove the then useless Show Clip Keyframes/Videomerge/Invert Selection (from right clicking the clip on the Timeline).


            I have admired your work for a long time. You have been an innovator in the Premiere Elements community. So, I apologize if I have missed what you have been saying works in this situation.


            Looking forward to further details on how you achieved an Invert Selection for the Videomerge effect in Premiere Elements 9.


            Thank you.



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              Robert J. Johnston Level 3

              I'm too confused now, but I wanted to point out that the Invert Selection option doesn't work properly in Premiere Elements 9. Adobe apparently forgot to remove the Invert Selection keyframming ability on the timeline when they removed the option from the panel. Maybe you didn't know that you can also keyframe most effects on the timeline by exposing the envelopes. If you want to see what happens when you use the Invert option in Premiere Elements 9, just do what I said in my previous post.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                Robert J Johnston


                I was and am fully aware of keyframing/keyframing effects et al, Show Clip Keyframes and track content yellow line and typically all that goes with that. What I was unfamiliar with was your term "envelope" that you used to describe a Premiere Elements track  feature that I had seen previously here and elsewhere for Premiere Elements only as yellow band, yellow rubberband, Opacity yellow band (for video track), or Volume yellow band (for audio track).


                Your last response motivated me to look deeper into what you could be referring to as envelope and therein evolved the amazing situation to which you referred. Typically if you click drag that Opacity "yellow band" to different positions, you can adjust the Opacity of the highlighted video clip between 0 to 100% to see the value at the track level as well as in Properties Panel/Opacity Panel, That is the case even after you have applied the Videomerge effect to that clip without going near the Show Clip Keyframes/Videomerge/Invert Selection. But once you do select Invert Selection via Show Clip Keyframes/Video Merge, then, when you move the Opacity "yellow band", that Opacity "yellow band" targets at its lowest level "Invert Selection" OFF and the upper level "Invert Selection ON. Now the "Opacity" adjust (classic role of the yellow band of video track) is not doable at the track level or is it reflected in any changes in Propertes Palette/Opacity Panel for this highlighted clip.


                Exploration and experimentation follows after you discover this unexpected and previously undocumented situation. And, for me, there are a lot of what if I do this or that to look into here,


                I need to do the exploration and experimentation. I think I got your message fully now. If I have further misinterpreted it, please let me know.


                Many thanks for posting this interesting information.