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    Read XMP/IPTC data

    karlkrist Level 1
      Hello all-

      I am reading data out of a JPEG. Specifically the EXIF and IPTC data. One of the fields I want is iptc.intellectualGenre.

      Unfortunately- I cannot get to that with the imageGetIPTCMetadata(thispic) function. That field just seems to be missing. But according to the IPTC people, it is part of their core.

      Okay, now step two...using an outside program, (PIE) I can see that it pushes Intellectual Genre to the XMD section. Alas, I cannot read XMD at all.

      Is there a fairly simple way to read XMD, or just the IPTC.IntellectualGenre?



      (oh, and going to the Adobe XMD Dev site has not helped me at all...)