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    comp & render settings for avi (to eventually dvd)


      I wanted to verify my settings.


      I have a composition of image sequences (and music) for an animation (30fps, varying resolution).  I need to render this out to an uncompressed YUV avi for delivery to a DVD house to transcode and fab onto NTSC DVD disc.


      would it best for me to make my adjustments in the 'Composition Settings' (width: 720, height: 480, PAR: 0.91, frame rate: 29.97)?

      or should I do this in the 'Output Module' (format: AVI (Uncompressed UYVY), resize: 720 x 480) and 'Render Settings' (frame rate: 29.97)?

      I'm not quite certain how the timing/frame rate will be affected by doing it in the Comp or at Render, is it the same? Or whether at render time adjustments will be made to the Pixel Aspect Ratio?


      The final avi should look distorted on a computer monitor correct?

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          bbrulling Level 1

          I used a combination of setting the composition to 720x480 with a pixel aspect ratio of 0.91 and transformed the animation to fit.

          then i rendered out to AVI (UYVY) and set the frame rate in the 'Render Settings' to 29.97.


          The result looks undistorted on my computer screen.  And when i loaded it up in GSpot, I see that the frame rate and resolution are correct (29.97, 720x480), but the Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR) is 1 (square pixel).  I didn't receive any warning telling me that that PAR conversion occurred.


          Also I'm a bit unclear on the PAR, I understand that NTSC uses rectangular pixels (0.91) while computer monitors use square pixels (1).  So I assume we set our compositions to 720x480 (3:2) with a 0.91 PAR so that they'll stretch to 4:3 when watched on a TV correct?


          again, my more pressing question is what settings should I have to export to an AVI for eventual NTSC broadcast.