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    Putting 300 images fast with space of 2 seconds?


      Hello, i have a total of 900(300 colored,300 grey,300lines) images from a model i makes and i want to make a video that uses those images and fades from one to another slowly.


      So i need to do something like this color image 1 goes to 3 second and the image2 goes to 6th second and goes on

      Grey image 1 goes to 2 second and the image 2 goes to the 4th second etc


      And each image stays therefore 1.25/1.50 seconds so they will fade instead of suddenly change.


      Do you have any idea how exactly i can do that fast without moving each image individually?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not sure that I follow you. I'm assuming that you have rendered some kind of 3D animation with the first 300 frames in color, the second 300 frames in grayscale, and the last 300 frames as wireframe or lines. If that is the case and your composition is set to 30fps then each image sequence will play for 10 seconds. If you want the sequences to only last for 2 seconds then you could use time-remapping or you could interpret the frame rate of the image sequence as 150 fps.


          If, on the other hand, you want to take the first image in the color sequence and fade that to the first image in the grayscale sequence over 2 seconds, then fade to the first image in the wireframe or line version of the file over 2 seconds then repeat that 299 more times for all of the images in you sequence you'll have to do a bit more work.


          If you want the first option you should be on your way. If you need the second then to do it easily will require you to rename the files (easy with Automator on the Mac) and import them as individual files and not a sequence. You can then add all of the images to the timeline, select them all,trim the length of all layers to 3 seconds, then use the keyframe assistant to sequence layers overlapping them by 1 second.


          I'm still not sure that either of these solutions are what you're looking for.

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            wolfy2449 Level 1

            Sorry was in a hurry while i was writting that and i didnt specify a few things.


            Yes i got 300 texture/300 greyscale/300 wire png images i got from 3ds max. Now i want to add them to


            So my question is: Is there any automated way to add X amount of images in a timeline but keep a 3 second space between each image??Because moving 900 images manually is going to take insanely long


            (I dont remember what is the name of the timeline but its the bar that you put the images in and choose the time they will appear/end and where exactly in the overall timeline will be.)



            Timeline example


            0 second to 1,5= Wire image


            1 second to 2,5= Greyscale image


            2 second to 3,5= Texture image


            And goes on...

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Ok, so I think I get it. You want to start with the first of 300 wireframe images, then fade to the first of 300 grayscale images, then fade to the first of 300 color images then fade to the second of 300 wireframe images, then to the second of 300 wireframe images, then to the second of 300 color images, then to the fourth, fifth and so on.


              I'm assuming then that your total animation length would be 900 images shown for 1.5 seconds or 1350 seconds which is 22 and 1/2 minutes.


              The way you would go about this is to rename your images to that image 1, the wireframe version of the image, would be named something like mySequence_001.png and image 2, the grayscale version would be mySequence_002.png, and image 3, the color version would be mySequence_003.png and so on.


              You would then import all of those images into After Effects making sure that you did not import them as an image sequence. Then you would add all of those images to a composition with 001 at the top and 900 at the bottom. The composition would have to be 22;30;00 long. You would then select all layers, set the CTI to 1.5 seconds plus the duration of the transition between images (lets call it one second).


              With the CTI set now to 0;00;02;15 (assuming 30 fps) you would select Animation>Keyframe Assistant>Sequence layers, set the overlap to 1 second, set fade images and click OK.


              You'll end up with a slide show that fades between each version of each of your images before going to the next image in the sequence.