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    Subtitles too complex to render

    thanmartin Level 1

      I have a 3 hour movie with 2 subtitle files in english and german. Encore displays it just fine, but when building the dvd encore tells me the subtitles are too complex to build. I followed and saw a lot of threads about this problem ranging from Encore 2 til encore 5. And there are a lot of suggestions, that worked for some of the people and I tried out everyone of it for I have in each subtitle file about 1100 !!! subtitles.

      In the end I had to export the subtitles and I found 2 programs that will import these subtiles and burn them to DVD

      one is freeware and is called DVDflick

      one is costly and is called convertXtoDVD

      they all do more or less good job, but my menues are lost and they are recoding the dvd.

      When is Encore fixing this problem??? 3 generations of the same problem by now without any help or suggestions from adobe.

      Also importing common subtitle formats like .srt or sub would be appreciated.

      I just thought of upgrading to cs5.5, but maybe I will switch to final cut pro. A friend says it handles my subtitles in a nice manner.

      Any suggestions from Adobe Encore team here?

      At least you could tell the user what to do and not let him do wild speculation guesses and trials, that sometimes work or not.

      Like when encore encounters a subtitle that is too complex it will inform the user of which one and why. That is what I call userfriendly

      great thanks and appreciation for your help


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          Spamhunter Level 1

          .srt or .sub...


          No reply, to this or my several Qs on subtitling, even at Adobe Creative Days in Paris. Seems to be a worldwide Adobe plot to resist subtitling at all costs!

          The ratio of embedded subtitling is skyrocketing as every company now wants their web videos hard-subbed... and Adobe still refuses to facilitate this.


          Back to the freeware I suppose.

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            Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Sorry; I don't see your posts in the Encore forum.


            When you ask about subtitles on the web, are you talking about the Encore Flash export? Or are you talking about being able to put subtitle options in to regular web video? (A non-Encore issue.)

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              thanmartin Level 1

              well the problem was 2 years ago and in the meantime I switched to Adobe Premiere CS6. I managed to solve it somehow. The problem had nothing to do with webexport, it was for subtitles on Video DVDs. By the way, the flash export with subtitles works perfectly fine...

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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Thanks for the feedback. Most of us (users) believe that part of the problem regarding error messages is a lack of integration between the Adobe code and the authorcore licensed by Adobe from Sonic. In many cases, as you describe, very unhelpful. There are some errors that identify a location. That would be potentially helpful with subtitle errors. I say potentially, because some of subtitle are global and not related to one subtitle.