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    secure printing problems with the dialog box



      Some one which has problem with the scure dialog box then using secure printing?


      then we print in Adobe acrobat reader X 10.0.1 the dialog box for entring your pin nummer appearing under acrobat, causeing the program to locking until you go to the dialog box and clicking on it and enter the pin. The problem is that adobe not showing the dialog box in front of the printing overall dialog.


      had nog problem with the old 9, it started then we uppgraded. Haw tride a nother driver but haw same issue. And all other programs works greate, word, notepat etc so it is just Adobe that has the problem.. ?



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Please repost your question. Be careful with the words you use in describing the problem. Let us know what OS you are using? What printer you are using? What printer driver is being used. You mention a PIN number for printing, this is not a common occurrence with a printer attached to you computer. Are you using a network-based printer? Perhaps you can give us a screen capture of what you are seeing when your problem arises.

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            reffakis Level 1


            Its´s XP sp3 and the printer is a network printer(Toshiba e-studio 4520c)  running a PCL6 driver.


            Screen capture is not so much to see i think, running Swedish interface to. The ordinary dialogbox för printing is the first thing thats pops up, and then adobe reader frezes because the secund box pops up under adobe, you can click on it in the "toolbar" to continue. One thing that is diffrent when you print in adobe is that you can se on the "toolbar" for the popup box for the pin/password box is a Adobe icon on it. It is not so in example when printing in word, ie8 etc.


            The problem is that many users dont see it and thinks the program has stopt working.


            Im now going to try the PS driver from toshibas homepage..


            thanks for help!

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              reffakis Level 1


              have now tried the PS driver, and still the same problem. I´ve looked in the settings for Adobe och the drivers to se if you can set something to make it work better . Also the Registry. But no difference so far.


              the last thing í´l going to try is another printer with private printing.