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    Flash Builder 4.5 Hangs When Loading Large Projects


      I recently upgraded from Flash Builder 4.0 to Flash builder 4.5.  I am running the 32 bit version of Eclipse Helios on windows 7, 64 bit.  I have installed the latest 32 bit Java build, jdk1.6.0_25


      Smaller projects and libraries appear to build and run fine.  However when I attempt to load my main application, which is quite large, Eclipse Hangs for several minutes.  Occasionally it will return after some time, but as soon as I move the mouse cursor again it hangs again.  The last attempt had 1.8 Gigs of memory allocated to the eclipse process before I killed it.


      Some other things I have noticed.


      *) 4.5 does appear to be more sluggish for me generally than 4.0 for the demo apps I have built to test weather or not the install is working


      *) If I do not attempt to actually open any files, I am able to clean the project and have it produce an executable


      *) I have "build automatically" turned off, the problem does not seem to be initiated by the build. The problem seems to be something to do with loading large mxml files or files which include large mxml files.


      *) The log files only complain about Eclipse being closed improperly (from me killing it aftter a prolonged hang) and about a collision with the ctrl+shift+G key combination


      *) I have reverted to the original 4.0 plugin and the project still builds fine


      *) Opening the stand alone flash builder 4.5 and pointing it at the same projects that work in 4.0 yields the same hanging symptoms as the 4.5 plugin version


      *) I have juiced up my Eclipse memory settings and confirmed that they work quite well for my 4.0 build.  My Eclipse.ini looks like:
















      c:/Program Files (x86)/Java/jdk1.6.0_25/bin/javaw.exe








      I am really interested in several of of the new 4.5 features.  Any comments / suggestions welcome.  I am out of ways I know how to trouble shoot this short of rebuilding my app up from scratch by adding components one at a time, which would take a very long time.


      If it would be at all helpful, I would be happy to drop by the San Francisco office with my laptop to trouble-shoot this