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    Not able to install burrito as an eclipse plugin nor upgrade standalone version




      I'm stuck on having to keep two IDE with Burrito flash builder version.


      During Installation, I don't have the "Install as an plugin" option, neither with the downloaded FB4.5 premium, nor with my standard dvd version.


      Is it normal? What can be my problem?


      I've number of eclipse plugin like Maven, Gds, pmd, checkstyle, SpringIDE, Wtp... And Having two separate IDE is very unconvenient.


      The second problem is with the Standalone version: I'm not able to upgrade the eclipse core (from 3.6RC1 to 3.6.2), eclipse don't restart after that (I noticed a Jira issue on it). ThereFore I'm not able to install my plugins like M2Eclipse...


      So with these two issues, I'm stuck on keeping two different IDE with linked resources, something that I really don't like (I already have this at work 'cause we're using RAD, and I don't want to have the same crappy development environment at home).


      Is this a workaround? Any chance or delay to have one and only one IDE for developping rich web application using Flex, Maven, Spring, Modelling...


      In the other hand, I wanted to greet Adobe for their far better stable release and compatibility with eclipse .


      Best regards, Charlie