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    No Document-Only font option in CS5

    Macnimation Level 1



      I do not see the Document-Only option in Type/Fonts on the Indesign CS5 Toolbar


      I'm using version 7.04.


      Do I need to make a change somewhere?



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          Stix Hart Level 5

          Sorry, what do you mean by that?  What does the control you're referring to do?  Although I don't know what you are talking about it's my guess that if you go to the menu (which is at the right hand side of the control panel) and choose Customize you will be able to get those controls back on there.

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            Macnimation Level 1



            Thanks for the response but that menu does not provide what I was looking for.


            What I was trying to describe was:


            If you click on Type in the Top menu


            then click on Font.


            This shows me all of the fonts available to me, thats fine.


            But there should also be an option at the top of the list of fonts that says "Document-Only"


            This option shows the Fonts used in the current Document rather than all of the fonts on my system.


            That is the option I am missing.


            I hope this explains it better?

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              Stix Hart Level 5

              Aha!  That would come up only when your document had been packaged from CS5 or 5.5 in which case it creates a "Document Fonts" folder which is what that list refers to.  If you create it from scratch it won't be there.  However if you want to see what fonts are sued just go to Type > Find Font.  If you're wanting somethign different let us know why and I'm sure there'll be some way round it.

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                Macnimation Level 1



                thanks, that makes sense.


                This is all part of my investigation concerning another thread running about the printer asking for EPS versions of the Indesign file instead of PDF.


                They came back and said that the EPS file was fine, but that two fonts were missing that they do not have. Yes, I know that using PDF will embed the fonts, but they insisted on EPS.


                One of the fonts is a specially designed font for our company and is the official font used for all marketing design.....etc..


                The other was Arial Bold MT, which I though was strange.


                Anyway, I wanted to see what the Indesign File was pulling for fonts.


                I just checked your suggestion and the fonts displaying are not any of the fonts claimed to be missing.


                Going to Font / Find Fonts displayed the following:


                Arial Bold

                Arial Regular

                Times New Roman Regular


                Thats fine, but the fonts the printer is missing are:



                Arial Bold MT


                SEOptimist is our company font.


                Now, the only thing I see that is causing this might be:


                The Logo used in the design was created by me in Illustrator CS5. The logo contains text using SEOptimist.


                I imported the .AI file using the place command directly into the Indesign file and it worked ( as always) fine as I find that converting logos in Illustrator to Tiff etc ends up being messing lookign in indesign. Using .ai files works great.


                So my only conclusion would be is that the EPS file would have read the logo containing the SEOptimist font, even though Indesign does not detect it?


                Any comments ?


                thanks again

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  When you saved the logo in Illustrator, did you embed the font? Is the font restricted against embedding?


                  I normally don't advocate converting type to outlines, but for a logo, and a workflow that is as wonky as this one, I think you might want to do that. Is the SEoptimist font used elsewhere in the document?


                  Is there ANY way to find and use a printer that has a reasonable workflow and can actually handle this job without all the workarounds?

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                    Macnimation Level 1



                    I do understand the pain on this one.


                    We use several printers for different jobs.


                    All of our Design Teams use Adobe Indesign globally and we use printers globally for Trade Show posters, a different one for Company brochures etc... as it depends on localization requirements and so on.


                    I design and create the "one off" projects that would be specific to a one off requirement instead of the mass produced literature and point of sale advertising.


                    The printer chosen for this job is used for small projects and usually PDF's are fine.


                    It was just this particular job they wanted EPS files. I did question that but.......


                    Anyway, I usually like to keep the fonts embedded in the logos as it is easier to make text changes as needed.


                    The font is only used in the logo, nowhere else.



                    Thanks for all the help