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    Transistion - fading from one page to another using flash Pro


      I have created a flash pro cs5 movie with several key frames in and as the movie plays, it moves onto the next keyframe - each keyframe uses the same template but with a different picture in each. Also each keyframe has buttons in of which are all identical as well and stay in the same place as the movie plays.


      As the movie plays and the picture in each keyframe changes I want each one to fade out then in to the next picture. I can see that you can do this in Flash Catalyst but can this be done in Flash Pro? I can not see how I can import the swf file into catalyst then fade each of the pictures which is tied up in a single swf file?


      Hope this makes sense!

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          There are a bunch of ways to accomplish this effect. A very simple method is to add a function to your navigation. Have this function use the graphics drawRect class to draw a stage sized rectangle filled with your color of choice. Attach this rectangle to a sprite, set its initial alpha to 0, then increase the alpha to fade the current frame's contents to the color of the rectangle. Move to the new keyframe, and fade out the rectangle and remove the sprite. Alternately, you can use an existing movieClip from the Library if you don't want to use a simple color for the transition.


          Another method is to build the same sort of tween transition into the timeline. At the end of each section in your timeline add in a tween to a rectangle of a solid color or anything else that you want. Have the playback head stop before this tween begins. When the navigation calls for a jump to a new keyframe, play the tween in the timeline and then jump to the new keyframe.


          In earlier versions of Flash, I forget when they were removed, there were some of these transitions that could be added through a menu. I believe these are the same transitions as are available in Catalyst.