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    Uninstall and Re-install ADE - Any tips?


      After plowing through many posts, it occurs to me that I may be having a problem with ADE and my C.NOOK because I originally downloaded the program using Google Chrome.  I would at least like to make sure that is NOT one of the issues.


      I have a new (refurbished) Color Nook. This is an EXCHANGE ITEM from B&N - so I have already been using ADE.


      • I want to uninstall ADE and reinstall a fresh copy. (I know I will lose my library books)
      • I want to change my email address at ADE, as I will be moving soon.


      These are my assumptions, and I would appreciate it if anybody sees a problem with my plan to SPEAK UP and CORRECT ME.


      1.) First thing I would do is to change my email address using CONTROL+SHIFT+D. (This would change my ADE email address)


      2.) Uninstall ADE by going to Control Panel, ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS


      3.) Re-boot computer


      4.) Using INTERNET EXPLORER....download and install a fresh copy of ADE


      5.) Register my fresh copy of ADE using my NEW email address


      6.)Hook up my new (refurbished) C. Nook and register the device


      I never downloaded my B&N books to my computer.  I have only downloaded the  Barnes and Noble books wirelessly to my Color Nook, so preserving the books on my computer is not an issue. My main problem is to try to eliminate the quirky issues I have had with Borrowed Library books.


      Would some ADE expert or experienced user please look over my plan and tell me if I have thought this through correctly?  Also, are there some steps or problems that I have not anticipated?



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          bolgos Level 1

          For those who read my previous post.............about the strange highlight and freezing.................last night I did the steps above and used EXPLORER to install a fresh copy of ADE.  So, far everything is GOOD!  Originally, I had used CHROME to download ADE.  My fingers are crossed that all is well now.  I read for several hours and did not have any strange behavior.


          If you are having "issues" that are unexplained AND you used something other than EXPLORER for your download - you might give it a try. 


          I totally don't understand why it makes a difference but.........I did see that some other people  had issues also when using something other than EXPLORER.