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    Using custom "Correct/Incorrect" images


      Is it possible to use images as the "Correct/Incorrect" captions for quiz questions? I'd like to use a green check mark or red X instead of the default "Correct/Incorrect - Click anywhere to continue" text captions.



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          RodWard Mythic

          Change the default Success and Failure captions to transparent captions and then find a suitable Wingdings character for each one.  Set the font size nice and large so that it looks like a graphic.

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            bmaynes Newcomer

            So there's no way to define a .png image in lieu of a caption?

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              RodWard Mythic

              You can turn off the default captions entirely and use Advanced Actions to Show hidden images on the screen On Success and On Failure.

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                bmaynes Newcomer

                Thanks, Rod. Can you tell me which variable would I use to control this? I'm not very experienced with the Advanced Actions features of CP5.

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                  Captiv8r Mythic

                  Hi there


                  Wow... I just looked and it seems Captivate 5 took a leap backward. I think we all need to report a bug.


                  Version 4 used to allow us to browse to another caption image and select a PNG to use. 5 seems to ignore it and insist on a BMP. So if you can convert your PNG to a BMP you can accomplish it. But other than that you will have to resort to the advanced action bit that was mentioned.


                  I still think it's a bug and we should report as same!


                  Cheers... Rick



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                    bmaynes Newcomer

                    Using a custom caption image was my initial thought as well. However, I just can't work with BMPs from a design perspective. I'm OK with using advanced actions, I just don't know what variable(s) to set. Any guidance you gurus can provide would be most appreciated.

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                      RodWard Mythic

                      The best resource on the net for info about using Advanced Actions in Captivate is Lilybiri's blog: http://lilybiri.posterous.com/

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                        Lilybiri Legend



                        About advanced actions, I have been blogging a lot about them. For the moment I'm a bit in a hurry, cannot find immediately an article or a blog post that has an example of this solution. Here is the blog post that has a link to the list with all the published articles about variables and advanced actions:


                        Articles on advanced actions


                        If you delete the failure/succes captions and use the Failure/success actions, set to execute an Advanced action it should be possible. The advanced actions will be standard ones, showing the appropriate image and hiding eventually the other one (if you allow the user to go back to the question slide this will be necessary). Do not forget to add a 'Continue' statement to the action.



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                          bmaynes Newcomer

                          "If you delete the failure/succes captions and use the Failure/success actions, set to execute an Advanced action..."


                          I'm not sure I understand. I have deleted the Failure/Success captions from the question slide and added my custom Success/Failure images (.png) set to invisible, but I have no idea what you mean by "Failure/Success Actions". What/where are these actions?

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                            Lilybiri Legend



                            Worked out an example to be able to explain the work flow:

                            • on the question slide I delete the Success/Fail captions (you can keep the Hint if you want, I deleted it as well)
                            • I imported two graphics (see Timeline, sorry for Dutch): Rood and Groen that are displayed for rest of slide duration, but in the PI set to be invisible
                            • normally you have to actions when a user has answered a question: after Submit the Failure/Success captions popup, that also give the message to click on the slide or Y to continue; the first action will not be executed anymore because there are no Failure/Success captions anymore; when the user clicks on Submit, the playhead will continue to play; for this reason I incremented the slide duration, so that the graphics will be visible (in this example) for 4.5secs (after the pausing point) before the playhead reaches the end of the slide and goes to the next slide.
                            • if the graphics may remain on the slide (when user gets back or reviews), you do not need an advanced action, just choose 'Show Rood' for the action on Failure (image for incorrect answer) and 'Show Groen' on Success. You find this in the Quiz Properties (see second screenshot)
                            • if the user can return to the slide and change the answer, you'll better create an advanced action, in which you Show the proper image and Hide the other one.