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    attaching movie clip above others, depths, why can't I get this?

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      Hi all,

      I have 4 movies all sitting in seperate layers inside the movieclip.

      Now I am using those 4 movieclips as buttons and are attaching a movieclip (as like a hover movie) by placing the following actionscript on each of the movie clips (not inside)

      on (rollOver){
      this.attachMovie("clickhere", "clickhere_mc", 0, {_x:_xmouse, _y:_ymouse});

      onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
      this.clickhere_mc._x = _xmouse ;
      this.clickhere_mc._y = _ymouse ;


      on (rollOut){

      but what ever I do I cannot not get the attached movie clip to sit above any of the 4 movieclips that are already on stage!
      I am missing something here, have tried to get the depth and swap it to a higher depth.

      My trace returns: _level0.map.map_mc.state.clickhere_mc

      Any help would be much appreciated.