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    Captivate 5 & Connect Pro - course results show "in progress" - won't complete!

    J Kalhorn

      Here's the issue:


      I create presentations in Captivate 5.

      I publish these presentations to Adobe Connect Pro (our own licenced server)

      I create a course based on that Captivate 5 content

      When users view the presentation, it shows up as "In Progress" on the reports, and won't show as "Complete", even if the user views every slide.


      These courses contain no interactions, or quiz questions.  To complete, the user just needs to view.

      What am I missing that will allow the courses to show up "Complete" on the user's transcript?


      I know that I can override the transcript manually, but when I have more than 300 learners enrolled, this is not practical at all.


      Is this something in my Captivate project settings?  Or is this something in my Connect publishing setup?

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          It's in your Adobe Connect process... You'll need to test this by publishing some fake course content >
          but I think you needed to add that course to a curriculum and then make the course required. This makes the Complete flag go off and also generates a Cert Number.


          Not sure you can do it now without causing some problems in the records though! Test it and see what happens first with some fake content.


          Publish 5 slides

          Go to Connect Pro>Training tab> My Training

          Make a New Course and atttach that content (Select Content but don't enroll users yet...)

          Go to Connect Pro>Training tab> My Training

          Make a New Curriculum and add that course


          Click on the curriculum to open the Curriculum Info page>

          Edit completion requirements

          You can designate an item as required, which specifies that an enrollee must successfully complete the item to complete the curriculum.

          By default, all items are required, but you can set individual items as optional or required without impacting other items.


          If you’re not on the Curriculum Information page for the curriculum that you want to modify, click the Training tab and browse to the curriculum. Select the curriculum name to open the Curriculum Information page.

          In the Completion Requirements area, click Edit.

          For each item that you want to specify as required, select Required from the pop-up menu.

          When you finish specifying required items, click Save.


          Enroll yourself in the curriculum from the Curriculum Information page.

          Take the training...

          Back to the Curriculum Information page> Reports> By Users   did you show up as Complete?


          See if that works, but again, I'd really test it before making any changes to your In Progress training content! Some weird stuff can happen when users are enrolled in content and records are already attached to that content... Make sure to refer to the user guide/user help PDF in your Adobe Connect System.


          Hope it helped, if not for this time- next time!




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            I'm not sure if you ever sorted this out, but I'm now dealing with exactly the same problem (non-interactive course, Captivate 5 and Adobe Connect 8). As far as I can tell, the only way to solve it is to add one or more interactive components that the system can score. No matter what publish settings I choose, it just doesn't seem able to record completions based on slide views or even a percentage of slide views. This seems kind of ridiculous, but if anyone has a better solution please let me know.