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    Open/Place Dialog not behaving like other apps - win 7 64bit


      I just recently switched from mac to windows at work. It was also a jump from orginal CS(mac) to CS5(win). One thing I am having a problem with is that I can't create shortcuts/favorites on the left in those open/place/save dialog windows. All I get is a static frame with Recent Places, Desktop, Libraries, Computer and Network. But no Favorites. I can't even expand them in to trees. I can't right click on the icons or in that pane. The only thing I can do is left click and it opens up the view they represent. In other programs, such as Firefox, OpenOffice or Notepad, you have a Favorites selection and you can drag stuff over to it at any time.


      Is there any way to get that behavior in the Windows version of CS5?


      I work on a weekly newspaper and do lots of placing from many different locations through the week. I used to set up the new shortcuts at the beginning of the week on the Mac but haven't figured out how to do that in CS5 on Windows. By having to browse back and forth to those different folders I am losing about an hour or more of productivity over the course of a week. It really hurts as we approach our deadline.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.