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    ?  Matrox  MX02

    Forensic Man

      The MX02 , when importing live video (NTSC Video Signal) that format does it apear in Adobe Premiere


      IE  Do you have to render it before you can edit it..     When imported,  Is the render bar  RED or GREEN ?


      If you have one, do you like it.?   What would buy today ?


      On the MAX option have you tried to render a file from RAW format to H.264  in HANDBREAK

      and if so is the quality the same ?


      Thanks Mike c.

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          You can capture the video as Matrox's AVI(Mpeg 2) or M2T I believe the other one is depending on whether it's HD or SD. I just always use the AVI since that handles both HD and SD.


          If you bring the material into a Matrox sequence then it should not have any bar over the top and no you dont need to render it to edit it.


          The current Matrox tools has a bug with the media encoder presets when you select an H264 preset. It lags out for a while and looks like the system is non responsive. Then it will allow you to change presets. Also the audio driver still has a bug in AE. If you want the Max and you can deal with a few bugs then the MXO2 is fine. We will have to see if the update fixes atleast the Media Encoder preset issue when it releases. The Max is great if going to Blue Ray. However the file based options have been limited on the Matrox Max presets. Although I was told you can change the resolution options manually.


          The Blackmagic hardware runs fine with Adobe however it does not have any Mpeg 2 options for capture or H264 accleration on export. You can capture M-Jpeg or DVCPro HD though. The export options are your standard Adobe and those codecs besides uncompressed.




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