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    streaming video on web


      Can anyone point me in the right direction, im trying to play a wma video file through a published director movie type: DCR - Html, the movie loads and streams on my local server, however when uploaded and played via the web a red cross appears where the video should be...>:>?

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          jchunick Level 2

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          videos are not imported (unless they are flash), they're simply linked... did you upload the video, and if so, what's the path to the video (member("video").fileName)? that's probably your issue. It's probably easiest to set the fileName using code and make sure it's relative by using the @ symbol... look it up in the help... I don't do anything with Shockwave so I'm not up on all the details/nuances.... however, if memory serves, you should put all external media in a dswmedia folder. This link might help: http://www.adobe.com/support/director/internet/security/security03.html


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          wma stands for windows media audio, not video - that'd be wmv. A red cross means that you didn't include the proper Xtra or ActiveX control. If you are using an Xtra to play the video then go to the menu and select Modify --> Movie --> Xtras... then  make sure the Xtra is there and checkmark the "Download if Needed" option... if the option is grayed out then that means the Xtra is not shockwave safe.

          ... however, if you used an ActiveX control then you're SOL when it comes to a shockwave movie... the only browser you might be able to use an ActiveX control would be in IE... but that's highly unlikely too b/c of security issues. Either way, an ActiveX control will not work in any other browser.

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            james_sykes79 Level 1

            the code im using on my local server is :


              sp.member = member("earth_moon_xvid")




            _the relative path to the file when i upload it will be.


                 sp.member = member("http://kindergoa.freeiz.com/earth_moon_xvid.avi") or


            http://kindergoa.freeiz.com/dswMedia/Linked Files/earth_moon_xvid.avi



            both paths will locate and download the file when used as a url.


            but will not play the video in during the movie, is my lingo correct?