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    Can't read an e-book, ever since installation of Reader X


      I have an electronic version of "Machinery's Handbook 27," purchased and installed on my Vista operating system three years ago, which has become "locked" (only its useless “Front Matter” is accessible), ever since my installation of Adobe Reader X. I contacted the publishers, Industrial Press, about this problem; the following was their response.


      "There is a issue with Adobe Reader X and Machinery's Handbook 27 CD, and it has to do with the FileOpen plugin we use and changes that occur in Reader X. The symptoms depend on the operating system and 32 vs. 64-bit, but are at their worst on Windows 7 64-bit.

      There is a fix to get the Handbook working with Reader X, but with still some problems such as with printing. By far, the best solution is to uninstall Reader X and instead install Adobe Reader 9.4

      You can get Reader 9.4 at:


      After installing Reader 9.4, you will have to reinstall the FileOpen plugin. It is available on our website at:


      To install the plugin, CLOSE Adobe Reader and Acrobat, and click on the link above. Answer Yes or OK to everything. Then you should be able to test and run your Handbook. I hope this helps.


      Joseph Shack

      Industrial Press"

      Is this an acceptable solution? Must I forgo use of the upgrade with all my other pdf files (which work fine) because of this one e-book?