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    How to make Text Box auto-adjust to decreased Margin (Manuscript Prep)

    Obenreizer Level 1

      I am attempting to prepare a book manuscript for self-publishing (What have I gotten myself in to?!),and have hit another wall.  After setting the margin for the 200 page manuscript (all 200 pages imported from MS Word doc as one textbox frame), I decided I needed the margins smaller.  After doing so, I notice that the words/textbox did not change accordingly: the words overlap the new margins.  As an InDesign notice/idiot, I cannot figure a how to get the textbox to adjust to the new, smaller margins for ALL of the pages at the same time (and I have to believe there is a better way than manually changing each page individually). 


      Advise?  Any and all help appreciated.


      Aside: If you know of an InDesign book manuscript (subject unimportant) that is in the public domain, I would love to have the link/location.  I could learn a lot from having a 'real' example.  Many thanks in advance.