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    Flash Query cart




      Im a flash website designer, however I have never build a website in flash that requires a shopping cart or a query cart,l or any typoe of e-commerce.


      The client has very specific needs, they will have a catalogue of thumbnails, when a thumbnail is clicked a detailed view of the product, it's ID, description will appear, but no prices and there will be a send query btn, which will load the product info into a query cart portion of the site, at the query cart page of the site, it will contain all the loaded queries and when the checkout btn is clicked, the client wants a pdf or a word doc created with all the products in query cart saved and emailed to a sales email address, there will be no purchasing allowed on the site.


      I have never done anything like this before, so I was wondering if anyone out there know how to acomplish this in flash without using a MYsQL database, and completely coded in as3