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    footnote numbers to reflow in ID5.5?


      I have a lengthy document laid out in InDesign 5.5, with one imported word doc flowed across several pages, in one story.    Footnotes are fine for this first step, at this point.    The trouble comes when I try to import a separate word document, consisting of three paragraphs with three footnotes, in the middle of the story.    I choose Place to import the story, make sure that in the import word dialog box that I have selected footnotes and endnotes.     Then I go to InDesign, select an "empty" paragraph in the existing story where I want to place the text, and place the short story.
      Everything is fine, but the three footnotes are numbered one, two and three -- not the correct numbers for where they are in the story.  I tried to fix the first one and hoped that the new numbers would flow in sequence, but no luck.
      suggestions?     Thank you very much!  :0)

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          You are lucky!

          I tried do the same and do it right, the numbers renumerated right.

          Open Pages panel, click on the page that you are trying insert new text, if there is a marker Go to Layout > Numbering & Sectin options. See on the box Page numbering if there something on the field "section prefix" and "section marker", principally this last one.

          For the last, go to Type > Document footnote options, and verify if the box "restart numbering every" is checked.

          For a while, there's no reason to new numbers do not flow in the sequence. Try export to IDML and reopen too.