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    42006 Presenter Publish Error


      I can no longer publish my adobe presenter files to my connect account. It first gives me an Error 404 and then at the botto of the wizard it says "42006 Presenter Publish Error - Exception." I believe this started happening around the time adobe upgraded us to connect 8 and our URL changed. Anyone know how to fix this bug?

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          Bob Mack 94536

          I encounter this problem frequently when publishing directly to Adobe Connect from Presenter. It normally means that there is some sort of problem with the presentation itself that cannot be resolved in the publish process. Quizes are apparently notorious for causing trouble but problems are not limited to them.


          However, this is a simple workaround that has actually made publishing more efficient for me. I simply publish to a zip file (publish to your computer and make sure that the zip folder option is checked). Then I upload the zip file to Adobe Connect from the Adobe Connect "Content" interface. And in most cases, this solves the problem for me.


          It also seems to be a faster, more efficient method of publishing, so I figure to publish with this method in every case going forward.

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            wolfeyes Level 1

            Hi.  This recently happen to me after an Adobe Connect update was done on our server.  I couldn't publish anything.  Here's what we found, thanks to our Adobe Tech:


            the table pps_enum_datahost had our server name in lower case rather than upper case.  If your localhost name is all caps, check the pps table and make sure it is in upper case there as well.  Hope this helps someone as I spent a week trying to figure this one out!!