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    adding OSMF Akamai HDNetStream plugin

    csmaller Level 1

      I cant find any help anywhere on this. Heres the problem:

      I am using OSMF and implementing the AkamaiAdvancedStreamingPlugin .swf plugin and dynamically streaming a live feed.  Everything streams ok with the tester that I receive from akamai (an http HD stream). it auto switches the dynamic streams etc.  What I need is to have the OSMF mediaPlayer access the HDNetStream (an extension of NetStream) that akamai provides and feed me back the current time the scrubber is on and the actual live time the stream is broadcasting.


      So for example: the player i built using  straight HDNetStream class  provides these two variables in the progress event. So when the user comes to the page the scrubber is all the way to the right of the progress bar because that is 'live' (think TiVO)  but if you click anywhere in the progress bar it goes back to that time in the stream and starts from there. Utilizing the DVR functionality.


      So, Do I need to create a plugin for this class to override the NetStream class the OSMF player is natively using?  is that possible?