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    CS5 Finding and replacing doesn't work after data merge


      After making a data merged document, I ended up with a lot of blank lines (even though the "Remove Blank Lines for Empty Fields" box was checked). I think this was because I needed to insert a space between two fields? Anyway, now I can't simply do a find and replace to get rid of the blank (but not really blank) lines. It appears that the empty fields were replaced with a hidden character that looks like a red colon. When I select the entire line, copy and paste it into the "Find what:" box, I see "^I^I ^I^I^p". I know that "^p" represents a hard return, so each "^I" must represent whatever InDesign replaced the empty field with. The big problem is that InDesign can't seem to find ANY of thess characters to replace them with anything! Is there a work-around? How can I get rid of these thousands of empty lines in my data merged document?


      InDesign CS5, Windows Vista 64