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    Indesign CS4 Running Really Slow




      I've done a search on this topic and tried all the suggestions without success. I'm using Indesign CS4 to write a lengthy technical document. The file is mainly text (~250 pages), with about 25 Illustrator figures (placed) total size ~16MB. About a week ago, I noticed things were slowing down, and I'm now at a point where one character typed takes about 2-3 seconds to render. This obviously makes the program unusable. A different document of the same size with about the same number of Illustrater figures has no problem. Below is a summary of what I have tried.


      a) turned off preflight - no difference

      b) turned off dynamic spelling and autocorrect - no difference

      c) tried numerous display methods - no difference.


      One thing I am doing, which is different in this document, is that I'm cutting and pasting a lot of text from other Indesign and Word documents. I have gone back and updated all the cross references. I've also noticed that this problem has got progressively worse as time has gone by. Could it be something to do with storage of temporary files or buffers that need to be cleared out? I have repeatedly exited, rebooted my system, saved the file under another name, all to no avail.


      Please help,


      Thanks in advance.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Are there cross references in the text you are pasting? ID could be checking them every time you make a change. Cross-document refs will really bog down unless all the files that are referenced are open.


          It may also help to do a save AS to remove old change data that can no longer be accessed and reduce file size.

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            amurray11 Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            Thanks for the response. I think you nailed it. I had actually updated all the cross references that generated errors, but a few crept through (no errors generated) that referenced a paragraph in the document I copied from. I replaced these with the references in the current document and this solved it. The old document was also on a remote disk, so I'm sure this made matters worse. In addition, I found links to illustrator files on the remote disk. I also copied these files to the local disk and updated all the links (actually I did this first and it made very little difference, it was really the cross references that were the issue).