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    Unwanted external file opening behavior by pdfs

    johnstst Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp 8 (TCS 2) on a Windows Vista machine and have done so without issue for quite some time. However, today, after applying the BaseImage.dll fix described for images prepared in PS CS5.1 appearing as a red box (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/859/cpsid_85901.html) any pdf that I apply to a project, either as a baggage file, by hyperlinking to the file or by embedding it now prompts a dialog box to open the pdf externally in projects exported as browser-based help.


      I don't know if the BaseImage.dll is related but that is the only modification that I have performed on my system. Normally, when I create a topic page in my TOC and link it to a pdf baggage file, the file opens within my main frame or when I link it as a hyperlink and set "Display in frame" to "Page Default (none) etc it will open within the browser. It is now applying this new unwanted behavior on older projects that I have gone back and re-generated which is why I suspect the BaseImage.dll has rewritten some default behavior.


      This is very problematic for me as I need the pdfs to open within the main application. I would sincerely appreciate any assistance!!!