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    problem submitting PDF form in WorkSpace

    ditto9888 Level 1

      Hi, my server is ES2.5 Turnkey install (Express mode) on Windows.

      Client is IE-8 with latest Reader.


      My form is a PDF form created in the WorkBench,

      it has 2 pages, with some Digital Signature fields,

      I have also added the "Process Fields" group onto page 2 of the form.

      The form is to be routed in the standard WorkSpace.


      At the Initiator step (Start Point), I use the Action Profile to do the Pre-fill of the form.

      I have checked the Reader Extended box.

      I use a Document variable as the Output from the StartPoint, the doc variable references my .PDF form template.


      Everything works fine at the Initiator step, the form fields are all properly Pre-filled.


      The problem is:

      after I click the Complete button, it goes to the next participant of the workflow process,

      when that person opens up the form in the WorkSpace, it's all blank, none of the data at the Initiator step show up.

      This User task uses the same Document variable as the Input (specified at the Presentation & Data tab).


      What do I need to do to pass the form data along with the form to the next person in the Process?

      What have I done wrong?  what should I check?



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          ditto9888 Level 1

          I sort of narrowed down the problem a little bit.


          I created a smaller PDF form, it has Digital Signature field as well as the Process Fields group, plus some Text fields.  When I used it in the SAME process (changed the Document variable to point to this new small form of course) everything worked!  No data loss.  Everything on the form including the Signature got passed to the next person in the workflow just fine.


          So I think my Process design is fine, the problem appears to be in the original 2-page PDF form.

          But I can't figure out what thing on the form could have caused the data loss!

          There's no error message anywhere, nothing in the JBoss server log either.


          Has anybody seen similar problem like this?



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            $Nith$ Level 4

            Make sure that you have selected "use document variable" option from Presentation & Data panel.


            Look into the process recording and verify the document variable has the completed PDF content saved.


            Usually this problem will occur when you forgot to set "use document variable" option and involving prepare data process.



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              ditto9888 Level 1

              I am 100% sure I use Document variable.


              The recording shows there's no data in the Document variable, once the Initiator submits it, the form data is lost.

              As I said, when I use a different PDF form, everything is fine, nothing is lost.

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                $Nith$ Level 4

                Perhaps, the data binding for the form fields set to 'none' ?? This also cause the submitted form data being empty.


                If your form/process is not confidential, you can send me the LCA to have a look at it.




                Email: nith@mof.gov.bh