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    Selection.setFocus() weirdness

      Hi All,
      I am getting a bug in Flash player and also in the Flash Test Movie publish involving the Selection.setFocus() method (authored using Flash 8).

      I have 3 movie clips that require focus toggled between them via keyboard directional arrow input. Those clips are:

      - musicVolume_mc
      - effectsVolume_mc
      - speechVolume_mc

      I initially set the focus to the first movieClip:



      and then each movieClip uses the following code example placed on the clip itself to target the next clip;

      on(keyPress "<Up>"){
      on(keyPress "<Down>"){

      Trouble is, the focus doesn't get passed as you would expect between each of the 3 clips, it gets stuck and jumps to the wrong clip....it's quite strange and frustrating. Has anyone had this issue?

      What do other people use to set Focus between movieClips reliably..?
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          rlc5611 Level 1
          I have had a lot of problems with the focus manager in the past. For some reason the focus manager seems to be slower than AS you execute to invoke it. I got around my problem by using setInterval to incorporate a very short (10 ms) delay before trying to change focus.
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            madfreaking Level 1
            thanks for your reply,
            I managed to solve the problem by disabling the tabEnabled setting with is by default set to "true" and clashes with keyboard arrow input..


            Also, if anyone else has this issue in future, relative paths inside the setFocus parameter didn't work for me....so use absolute ones instead, as in the following example.