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    Framework 3.2 RSL deployment problem

    mrs_bo_dana Level 1
      Hi guys.

      I have a weird RSL deployment problem on JBoss 4.0.5GA.

      I'm using framework as a signed RSL for one of my apps.
      If I build the app using FlexBuilder, it runs beautifully.
      If I compile it from the command line (my build server) using the swz/swf RSLs from my FlexBuilder output, firstly the .swz file fails to load, I then get a digest mismatch error when the swf failover is loaded.

      However, if I then download the flex.war from my server, unzip it, overwrite the swz/swf in the war file with the FlexBuilder swz/swf files (these are the SAME files as I packaged up in the flex.war file!) zip it back up and push it back to the server, it runs fine.

      I'm at a complete loss to explain this since I've been ultra careful to ensure that the same swf/swz/framework.swc files have been used to compile both the FlexBuilder and the build server apps.
      I even compared the digests generated by each build using the -keep option. They're identical.

      Can anyone shed some light on this?