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    From eBooks.com to iBooks


      Apologies if this has been covered previously...

      I bought a book from eBooks.com yesterday in ePub format with the intention of reading it on iBooks on my iPhone and iPad, but it appears to be in a format that limits me to using the Ebook Reader, an app that I don't particularly like.

      Does anyone know how I can read it on iBooks?

      Many thanks...

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          The process isn't as simple as that.


          First, ebooks are being distributed following a protocol that has been set

          up by publishers to conform with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2000

          (DMCA).  One of the formats that has been standardized is .epub, but it's

          not the only one.  HTML, .pdf and a few others are also sanctioned.


          Next, the implelmentation of the protocol isn't universal.  SONY, Amazon,

          B&N and Borders all have ebookstores, but they may have proprietary ebook

          formats, or restrict the use of ereaders to their site.  An iPhone or iPad

          is a 'universal' device (not tied to an ebookstore), so you have to find

          sources for ebooks that are not restricted.


          Then, there's software involved in the transfer of the ebook to the device.

          I don't know whether you've tried to use ADE as a part of your process,

          because you haven't said so in your post.  ADE supports certain devices, but

          not all.  Here <http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices>is

          a list of supported deivces.  Even though ADE has a MAC version, iPads and

          iPhones are not supported.  There is software that does the same thing that

          ADE does but works with Apple products, such as Bluefire and Overdrive.


          Hope this helps!


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