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    Linking existing Flex project with existing PHP project

    jenryp Level 1

      Hi! I have a Flex project, and a PHP project, both in the same workspace, but in different directories (C:\myworkspace\php\ and C:\myworkspace\flex\).

      They are working:

      I can run and debug the Flex project, and I can run and debug the PHP project (I have Zend Server CE installed).


      But I want to debug Flex and PHP at the same time.


      After reading some tutorials I found that we can do that going to the properties of our

      1. Flex Project -> Flex/PHP Support
      2. Check Enable PHP Support for Flex Project.
      3. Web Root: C:\myworkspace\php\public   (my public folder, where I have gateway.php)
      4. Root URL: http://mylocalhost
      5. Select the PHP project from the list in "PHP Project Name"


      and a pop up is displayed with:

      "Would you like to create /php/public/bin-debug as the output folder for the compiled Flex application?"

      I click no


      6 . Set the output folder to: C:\myworkspace\flex\bin-debug

      7 . Click on "Validate Configuration"

      and I get the warning:

      "Cannot access the web server. The server may not be running, or the web root folder or root URL may be invalid."


      and I don't know why, I can access it from my browser, I can access it with the internal browser, I can debug my PHP project with FB.


      Please can somebody help me to make it work?I don't know what I'm doing wrong.


      Also, my Flex project is (Flex Server option in Project Properties) is not associated with any server type (I have Application Server Type "None/Other")

      Is necessary to set PHP in Flex Server option too?

      Because when I choose PHP, and set the web root and Root URL I get the same warning.


      Thanks !