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    Flash builder and air app Help

    DigitalFuel Level 2

      Hi everyone


      I am new to flash builder I have many adobe products ie master collection, and have an Idea for a small application. But need it to do a few things. I have only looked into fash builder a little but want to know a few things before getting started by getting the trial and then purchasing the real deal.


      With flash builder and air can I make a app that will detect the top most window on the clients computer and return the name of the program ie photoshop etc and then give me the name of the active window, tab etc.


      How much scope is there for interaction with other adobe products in the master collection.


      I have written a few little script before in java. vb, applescript and actionscipt but I want to know if flash builder and air combo has the functionality I need before I bother getting into it to deep.


      Thankyou for your time in advance.



      Regards Daniel