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    Adobe DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) Help Manual

    AllenCobb Level 2

      A  lot of questions are still coming up about the Adobe DPS and how to get started building "folios" for publication as rich interactive eMagazines.


      I thought it might save some folks a little time by providing a direct link to the official DPS Help Manual.


      This little PDF provides a clear and concise overview of what DPS is and how to use it.


      Personally, I found more information in a small space than in many of the more technical articles available in numerous locations scattered around the Adobe site. There are still some areas not entirely made clear in this document, but if you've been frustrated by the microscopic article in the InDesign Help Manual, this additional publication should help a lot.



      Here's a clickable link:  DPS Help Manual


      Here's the same link spelled out:  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/using/digitalpubsuite_help.pdf