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    adding media


      I am useing elements 7 and have a directory

      of pictures that are ordered.  I would like to bring these into elements

      7 using organize/getmedia/openfile maintaining the same order that is in the directory.  How can this be done.  Thanks.

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          Ted Smith Level 3

          On my PE9 it shows pictures in the organiser in order of date created.

          This is usually the way you would want them anyway.

          Once you have them showing in the organiser of course you can drag them individually or in groups in any order you like to the timeline.


          I havent found a way of changing this order to somethind different other than reverse date order.


          When you look at files with Windows explorer they normally shown in alphabetical order unless you click on the top of the date created column.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You can also create an Album in the Elements Organizer and order your pictures in this Album.


            Once you've done that, if you got to Premiere Elements Organize tab and select Media and then select the Album from the drop-down menu, your pictures will appear in the order youv'e arranged them.