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    Photoshop lagging really bad with Bamboo Fun Tablet *SOMEONE PLZ HELP*


      Okay, my friend has a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 operating system.

      She has a Bamboo Fun Tablet(white & blue) and photoshop elements 6(which came with the tablet), she also has PaintTool Sai, Flash and a few other programs.


      Her running system as of recently has been restored back to recovery and she had to reinstall most everything she had. She's not sure what it was restored to(as far as 64 bit or 32 bit) but photoshop, sai and flash were working perfectly fine and then about a month ago the programs began to lag severely with the tablet. I helped her to install the driver software updates, which is what fixed my tablet's lagging issues, but instead it made MSPaint lag as well as the others! It wouldn't even register half of the MSPaint screen, but upon removing the driver it fixed the MSPaint thing.


      As for Photoshop it lags horribly(ten times worse than blur does when you try to blur too fast) and it all looks horrible but it still has pressure sensitivity.

      PaintTool Sai's pressure sensitivity on the normal layers work but it lags, and on the lineart layer it doesn't have pressure sensitivity and it lags.

      Flash's sensitivity seems to work just fine and it does not lag,


      does anyone know what could be the problem?


      Her software and hardware are up to date and work wonderfully, its extremely fast so it shouldn't be lagging this bad if at all, can anyone help?


      Thanks in advance,

      Delana Rush