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    Why would my video clips be running too fast when played on the monitor panel?


      I posted my problem earlier today, but re-reading it maybe I didn't explain myself well enough.


      My main question is: "why would my video clips be running too fast when played on the monitor panel ?".  This is occuring after I have selected my media from the Tasks Panel and placed them in correct order in the Timeline/Sceneline.  I knew something was wrong when I could see that the clips were not indicating their right length when viewed in the (expanded) timeline.  They were compressed into just a few seconds, whereas the clips should have been at least 5 minutes.  I ran the clips in the monitor and sure enough they ran too fast, with a lot of jerking movements.


      The 3 video clips I am trying to make into a HD PAL video were taken with my Nokia N8 mobile video camera. These are in mp4 format. Can this present a problem ?  Note that when I play these individual HD clips on my computer in (Windows Media Player) they run fine.


      After I placed the clips in my Project Panel (or before in the Organize Workspace), I have perforned no change or manipulation of the clips.  They are in their original state.


      Just too confirm that the clips did seem to be compressed, I burnt a DVD, the resultant video ran in a matter of seconds.


      Help would be greatly appreciated.