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    Hyperlinks & Cross-References

    sperry1975 Level 1

      Once again in InDesign CS 5.5, just like CS 5, my Hperlinks and Cross-References are NOT exporting to EPUB.  Anyone else experiencing this with CS 5.5?  Maybe there's something I'm missing or maybe Adobe still hasn't gotten their act togeather and fixed this bug from CS 5.  Not only has this been an issue for me but TOC exporting fails when I include a cover image.  Yikes I guess this means it's back to using the free-ware calibre.  Why did we even bother upgrading to Indesign CS 5.5 if they still haven't worked out the bugs it still doesn't work?  It's like upgrading your car to a slicker looking model with more inside gagets yet your engine still doesn't work.  What's the point?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          They're working for me in the last EPUB book I exported from InDesign CS5.5.


          Do you have a simpler version of your project you could post that we could test?

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            rontiara Level 1

            I think I'm having the same problem.  I thought it was something I was doing wrong.


            I just upgraded to CS5.5 from CS4, and am still trying to upgrade my brain.


            I have a book that has many images in it, and each image is numbered Fig 1, Fig 2, etc.  In an epub, I want the reader to be able to click or tap on the words in the text (i.e, "Fig 1", etc.) and jump from the text to the related image.


            Perhaps I'm misreading the instructions, but I set up the words in the text as a hyperlink destination (although that sounds backwards to me; I would think the image, not the text, should be the destination).  Then I made the image Fig 1 a hyperlink.


            As a test, I exported only one chapter to an epub.  But after the epub is created, if I click on the words Fig 1 in the epub, nothing happens.  Nor does anything happen when I click on the image itself.


            I have these images set up as anchored objects also; is there a conflict there?


            I also started getting an error message during the export process that says three of the four images cannot be found -- but all of the images are in the same folder.  If it can find one, it should be able to find the rest.

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              wjnp2000 Level 2

              It's very difficult help you.

              There isn't enough information.

              But, see if your hyperlinks information, destination, are inside the TOC text, or are set to any page number, if is true they won't work.

              It just work if you are using only in text anchors.



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                rontiara Level 1

                What other information do you need?


                My hyperlinks and TOC are totally unrelated.  The hyperlinks are supposed to go from a figure reference in the text to an image.  In a regular printed book, they'd be on the same page, but in an epub there is no such thing as pages, so the hyperlink can't go to a page number.