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    meeting disconnect via "ticket"

    Glen Gummess Level 1
      In a recent Adobe Connect Professional meeting, I and everyone else in the meeting (about a dozen all in all) were blown out-- hosts, participants and presenters-- all of us, because of some sort of "ticket" issue. We all got a gray flashing screen with text on it that said something like a "ticket already exists for this meeting". No further explanation. This happened seemingly at a random moment. It happened again later to one user, but not all users. The day before I had the meeting on to load content, and it blew me off for the same reason a number of times. About the content I added: basically just SWF files of a presentational nature, no strange script that I can think of. One of the SWF files made a net connection via RTMP to our own Flash Media Server in order to fire a command off to play a chime when someone logged in. The chime was a WAV file imported into the SWF itself.

      Other than that, I'm at a loss to understand what happened.

      Many thanks for your insights.

      Glen Gummess,
      Instructional Designer
      University of St. Francis
      Joliet, IL 60435