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    duplicate text or titel

    tom*78 Level 1


      I'm new in Premiere Elements 9.0. Everything is working fine and I'm getting to know my way around.

      There is only one thing that is really bothering me. I hope somebody can help me out here.


      I make a new title using the 'T' symbol underneath the preview screen. This puts the text on the timeline and then I start editing my text.

      To make a new textclip with the same properties I copy this piece of text by selecting the clip on the timline and then using CTRL-C. Than I move the slider and press CTRL-V to paste it onto the timeline.

      Now, if I change the text of the second (copy) clip, the text in the first clip will also change....


      This is probably a small setting or something to change it but it is really bothering me. Is there a link between the two clips that I have to turn of?

      Is there another quick way to do this without changing the settings over and over again.

      I don't want to use the style option because it will not remember the position. I just want to copy and paste so the clip is exactly the same exept for the possibility to change the test itself.


      Thanks for helping me out. My hair is falling out....



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I cover this very issue in my book, by the way!


          The problem is that you're copying your clip -- which produces a clone.


          Instead, right-click on the clip in the Project panel and select the option to Duplicate. This will produce an identical but separate duplicate of the title.


          Dozens of more tricks like that in the book, if you're interested.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Welcome to the forum.


            As Steve points out, you have several Instances of your Title on the Timeline, and not individual Titles. The Duplicate is what you want, to give you separate, uniques Titles.


            To explain how the Instances work, let's use the old Title from silent Western movies, "Meanwhile - Back at the Ranch." In those old films, this type of Title was used to tell the audience that the location had changed, "back to the ranch." In your Project, if you created one Title, "Meanwhile back at the Ranch," and used it multiple times (Instances), then discover that you did not capitalize the b in "back," you would only need to correct that in the original Title, and it would globally correct it in every Instance.


            When you use Duplicate, you have created a unique Title, though when it opens in Titler, you will see everything that was in the original. That is by design. Now you have two Titles, and not Instances of only one. All you need to do, in your case, is to use the Text Tool (the T) to modify the Text in that Duplicate. Now, you 


            The reason that the Duplicate opens with everything from the original is so that the total layout can be used. Say you added a Shape, Text and then applied Styles to each, with major color changes. You would not want to repeat that editing process for the next Title. Duplicate does not know exactly what you will want to change, so it gives you everything, just like in the original. You make you changes, as is necessary.


            As an aside, I am a big believer in naming my Titles, so that I can know which is which in my Project Panel. I will start with something like "Main Title," and then "Lisa Text 01," "Lisa Text 02," etc. I find that much easier, than" Title 01," "Title 02," etc.


            Good luck, and hope that helps a bit,



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              tom*78 Level 1

              Hi Steve and Bill,

              Thank you so much for your quick answers! It was really helpful and will save me a lot of time in the future.

              Keep up to good work.


              many thanks,


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                norimbo Level 1

                Hi I have elements 12. And I don't know how to change a style of added text. When I duplicate od copy text layer I can't have differnt words ind different layers. Also If i am trying to change the style of text that option doesn;t work

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  This sounds like a very different topic than the res of the thread, which is over four months old anyway.


                  Why not ask this question in your own thread so that it will get the attention it merits?

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                    william lee Level 1

                    Hello Steve,


                    I so appreciate your "up and running" tutorial. FYI I am using

                    it to train indigenous content producers here in India. I will

                    be sure plug your book with them.


                    Problem on Elements 12 in this thread:

                    On mac, when I have the title I want to duplicate selected...

                    the right click menu does not show a duplicate option or the

                    pull down under EDIT for duplicate is greyed out. I try the

                    same for the actual clip underneath the title and duplicate is

                    also greyed out. I don't have access to a PC right now but

                    you think it would work.


                    Edit menu with duplicate greyed out below:

                    Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 1.28.17 PM.png

                    Right click screen below no duplicate function offered:

                    Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 1.26.19 PM.png


                    This is not a trial version but purchased version. Is there an

                    update that fixes this or am I missing something here? Is it

                    a Mac version issue? Can you check or is there a work-



                    Thanks for taking your valuable time to help me (us) out

                    here get this straight.


                    In the meantime, I'll be making titles one at a time I guess

                    instead of duplicating across like I can do in FCP (X).



                    Bill Snyder

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7

                      William Lee


                      Just saw your thread and am posting since you seem to apply an urgency to the information requested.

                      I am strictly an Elements Windows users, hopefully on common ground between Premiere Elements Windows and Mac.


                      Based on what you wrote and what you want to do, I believe you are in the wrong section of the program.

                      Right click the title thumbnail in Project Assets and then select Duplicate.Duplicate.jpg

                      Then drag the duplicate to the Timeline as needed. The nice part of this is that the process give new name to the duplicate so that, when you get the duplicate to the Timeline and make edits, those edits do not also take place in the original title file also on the Timeline.


                      Please review and consider.


                      Thank you.



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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Information to help you in the immediate situation until you post your new thread on your specific issue.


                        1. If you are running Premiere Elements 12, then update it to the 12.1 Update, using the opened project's Help Menu/Update.

                        There is a problem in 12 Expert workspace (only) involving Text Styles. The problem was corrected in the 12.1 Update.

                        ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE12: 12.1 Update Released



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                          matthewn39142627 Level 1

                          YOU ARE AMAZING!  I could not find the duplicate anywhere, and that screenshot of the assets made it all click!  This will save me hours as I work on lyric videos!  Thanks again!