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    Can't instantiate a video object?


      As simple a problem as the title says. I must be doing something really stupid. I've got a large section of a site, built a month ago... runs fine. Went to make some changes. Now when I compile the video instantiantion fails. I've gone back to basics to test this problem out and it persists.

      So, here's my document class:

      package sections
      import flash.display.MovieClip;
      import flash.media.Video;

      public class LocketVideo extends MovieClip

      private var _vid:Video = new Video(200, 200);

      public function LocketVideo() {
      trace("hi there");



      When I compile the swf I get the following error:

      /Projects/[omitted]/Src/sections/LocketVideo.as, Line 9     1137: Incorrect number of arguments. Expected no more than 0.

      ( line 9 is the _vid line )

      Now, if I pull out the parameters of the video object it works fine... well compiles fine. A video object without a size isn't much use. Note that if I don't set parameters... all other calls to the object fail.

      My first thought was that my default Flash classes got corrupted. Nope. Ran this compile on two other computers, same issue. Also thought maybe I had the fla set to the wrong .as version or player version, nope, as3 player 10.

      What am I over looking?