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    60 Fps video repeating Frames?


      I have a clip in After Effects CS5, its 59.94 Fps, in a 59.94 fps Comp. the video playes back very strange, every 2 frames or so, it repeates a previous frame.


      Here is an example, it goes, 1-2-1-2-3-2-3-4-3 ect...


      Can anyone help me solve this problem? Thank you!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Where did this footage come form? What camera? It sounds like the footage is actually 24P footage that's being interpreted as 60i. Try interpreting the footage as 29.97 separate fields (lower first if it's DV upper first if it's HD) and remove pulldown. AE should be able to guess the proper cadence.


          If the footage is edited and contains more than one shot it is very likely that you will have to cut it into separate clips and figure the cadence of each shot differently.

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            swimmer12 Level 1

            Thanks for the answer! I actually just figured it out, Restarting AE and re-applying Pixel Motion and frame blending seemed to fix it, Not quite sure how, but thank you!