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    Can't correct previous upload to YouTube


      Upload to YouTube contained some unwanted background noise on audio.

      Edited the project, correcting sound problem.  Deleted previous YouTube entry and

      reloaded new one.

      The unwanted sound reappears!!  Did this several times.

      Unrendered project several times, then rerendered new corrected version.

      Uploaded new version to YouTube, and previous unwanted audio segment reappears.

      Help.  Stumped.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Have you tried to replace the YouTube file with a new one, physically? [Note: I am not sure how YouTube would handle this, and it might take some time, for them to re-Encode your file, for the replacement to take effect.]


          To do that, you would Export/Share your file to the YouTube approved format, size, bit-rate and CODEC. Then manually log-in to YouTube and replace your first upload. I assume that YouTube has a proceedure for doing the replacement, but do not know that for a fact.


          Good luck,



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            MarkChoate Level 1

            Yes, believe I did what you are talking about.


            I would go on to YouTube and delete the video.

            Then, I would upload the new corrected video to YouTube, receiving a new URL for the new posting.

            Viewing the newly uploaded video, though, the same unwanted audio would appear.


            When I got back to my photoshop project and play the video, the unwanted audio is gone.  It just appears on YouTube.