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    pre 9 driver/graphics card issue


      every time i wanna edit a project, i get a window that says i need to update my display driverpre9issue.jpg


      i have a dell inspiron 1525 laptop, vista sp2. PRE 9 has worked fine until the other day.

      i didnt do anything that wouldve changed this, but it just showed up.


      i went to the FAQ section of the site, and did everything on the list. nothing worked.

      my driver has been updated, but i still get the message. (for a while, i got messages that my driver couldnt be updated, so i dont know if i just reinstalled the same driver or it actually did update.)


      in the monitor, all that shows is either the "Disc Menu" option (because it froze on that) or just a gray screen.

      i double click on the video to watch it there and all i get is white.


      i went to window -> monitor & window -> my project, to get it to show up, but nothing is different.


      i really need help with this since the person who asked me to make this video wants it ASAP. ive done everything possible, but nothings worked.