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    CS4 Buttons not linking to anchors in other documents in a book




      Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post!


      I've created a book in inDesign composed of 10 or so inDesign documents.  Throughout the documents, I've created numerous Text Anchors as New Hyperlink Destinations and then converted a text frame into an interactive objects so that it functions as a button linked to various Text Anchors.


      My problem occurs when I export the entire book as PDF.  I have intereactive elements set to export but only the buttons that link to a Text Anchor within what was the same inDesign document work!  For example, if I have documents A, B, C, and D in my book, when I export, if I click on a button in document A that links to a Text Anchor in A, it works.  If I click on a link in document A that links to document B, it does not work.


      I have absolutely no idea what's wrong!  Please point me in the right direction if you have any ideas!