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    blank spots in premiere cs5

    texmant123 Level 1

      This is the first time I've had this problem... Problem occurred at two occassions.


      #1. When I inserted an mpg into the timeline, then time remapped it to expand the time (500% or something like that) and I got some black frames (maybe 20 or so) at seperate parts of the clip.  remapping back to origional speed did NOT help.  I had to delete and re insert.


      #2 When I inserted an mpg into the timeline I cut a scene and placed a fade transition onto the front.  Looked great.  Then I rendered in work area and suddenly the whole scene (5 seconds or so) was blank.  Transition only showed the fade of of the previous scene and was BLANK for the duration of the noted scene.  I HAVE used the source scene (the whole clip from which my 5 second scene came) more than once in the timeline.but now I've pulled the whole asset into the timeline and rendered it and now the whole asset has blank spots.  asset looks fine in the preview monitor.  I don't know.  Please help.


      Also I read in some "none adobe" forum where a guy had a similar problem and the solution was to use the "insert" command instead of drag and drop... but is this REALLY the method that adobe recommends???  According to my experience, you would NEVER know when a scene is going to do this, even after it's placed and reviewed.  Frusterating.  Please help.