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    How to view hidden subforms after merging process?

    Diego-Silva Level 2

      Hello folks


      I designed a form with many dynamic subforms (show/hide). When the user first opens the form, all subforms are collapsed and it shows/expands as he makes the selection.


      At a later stage, I get this same form within LC workbench and put it in a process to merge with XML data. This is a server side process, short-lived.


      I am using the importData operation, from Form Data Integration service (within Common).


      The question is: how can I automatically expand the sections in the form after it's merged with XML? I mean, let's say that Section_A is hidden by default, and the XML file contains information for Section_A. After this merging process, how can I automatically set this section as expanded so the user can actually see the data when he opens the form again?